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Purpose of consultancy:

UNFPA is currently working with the Commission on Population and Development in coordinating the implementation of Chapter 13 of the Philppine Development Plan whose primary focus is on the attainment of the Demographic Dividend (DD). This strategic partnership aims to support POPCOM in its critical role in strategizing, coordinating and monitoring and implementing the key programs related to Demographic Dividend.


The UN Philippines Country Team - in particular UNFPA, UNICEF and UNDP has also been chosen as a recipient of the SDG Fund for its proposal.


The Demographic Dividend Analyst will be the Focal Point for coordination, implementation, monitoring, and reporting on DD-related activities and deliverables. The technical and coordination work shall be primarily in line with policy and programmatic discussions related to the Demographic Dividend (DD), South-South Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) and SDG Fund within UNFPA’s 8th Country Programme Assistance to the Philippines.


The technical and coordination work expected from the Analyst shall primarily be in line with the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM)’s  operationalization of DD and SSTC activities

Scope of work:

(Description of services, 

activities, or outputs)

Key functions include:

  1. Ensure strategic and administrative management of UNFPA activities in partnership with POPCOM such as the activities for Demographic Dividend, South-South Triangular Cooperation and the SDG Fund
  • Overall management of the POPCOM activities  and provision of technical inputs in the implementation of the project under the overall guidance and advisory support of the UNFPA and POPCOM Head
  • Manage project funds, maintain financial integrity, and ensure effective use of project resources;
  • Provide quality and timely financial reports as per UNDP financial rules and
  • Monitoring, reporting and evaluation of outputs and accomplishments towards the achievement of project intended outputs; and
  • Ensuring effective, efficient and timely implementation of activities
  1. Ensure effective programme coordination among UNFPA, POPCOM and other partner agencies in particular for the delivery of the following key outputs:
  • Demographic Dividend Roadmap for at least 6 regions
  • Population Situation Analysis and POPDEV policy analysis
  • SSTC activities as agreed upon between BKKBN and POPCOM, including a final analysis/report for the BKKBN - POPCOM SSTC
  • Monitoring of the ICPD Nairobi Commitments
  • Report on the Progress of the Implementation of the SDG - Fund
  1. Develop and maintain effective working relationships and coordination with key counterparts to ensure the strategic positioning of the Joint Programme focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Build and maintain an effective working relationship with key partners and stakeholders, especially with the Joint Programme Steering Committee and Technical Working Groups;
  • Develop and finalize Memorandum of Agreements, Responsible Party Agreements, or other relevant legal instruments with relevant entities, such as thinks tanks and academic institutions;
  • Ensure the development, implementation, and monitoring of Joint Programme’s Partnership and Coordination Plan;
  • Promote coordination, dialogue, and good practice knowledge sharing among stakeholders; and
  • Ensure effective collaboration with the UN and other development partners

Duration and working 


01 July to 31 December 2021; Full-time position

Place where services are to  be delivered:

UNFPA Country Office, Metro Manila

Delivery dates and how work  will be delivered (e.g.

electronic, hard copy etc.):

Monthly accomplishment report to be submitted at the 30th of each month detailing: a) Target  Deliverables; b) Deliverables Achieved; and c) other Comments/Remarks

Monitoring and progress  control, including reporting  requirements, periodicity  format and deadline:

The monthly accomplishment report described above will be prepared by the DD Analyst, reviewed and verified by the Head of the PD Team, and approved by the UNFPA Head of Programme

Supervisory arrangements:

Under the overall direction and supervision of the UNFPA Head of Programme, the consultant maintains collaborative relationship with POPCOM Executive Director and other departments concerned within POPCOM

Expected travel:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing quarantine, the DD Analyst will be home based and will submit the deliverables to UNFPA Philippines CO virtually with the possibility of reporting to Duty Station once decided upon by management that it is safe.

Required expertise, 

qualifications and 

competencies, including  language requirements:

Job requirements:

  • Master’s degree in public finance, social policy, public policy, politics, economics, business, development studies or a related field.
  • Minimum of five (5)  years previous experience in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and/or evaluating development programs and projects, managing the development and execution of policy and institutional reforms and innovations, coordinating development cooperation and collaboration of sectors with a multilateral international organization, I/NGOs, civil society organizations, and/or government agencies;
  • Knowledge on government’s work on the demographic dividend and south-south cooperation;
  • Demonstrated capacity in project financial management including preparation of budgets, annual work plans and financial reporting is required;
  • Proven experience of effective coordination and partnership development with national counterparts, development partners, and civil society is required;
  • Previous working experience with UN organization



Core Competencies:

● Integrity, commitment, cultural sensitivity and valuing diversity;

● Developing people/Coaching and Mentoring;

● Building and managing relationships; and

● Personal leadership and effectiveness.

Functional Competencies:

Managing and coordinating campaigns, and promotion of workplace

Knowledgeable on global and sustainable development and able to apply these to strategic and/or practical situations

● Managing information and workflow

● Planning, organizing and multi-tasking

● Job knowledge/technical expertise

Languages: Fluency in English is required. Working knowledge of another official UN language is  desirable.

Other Desirable Skills: Initiative, sound judgment, strong interest in development work, especially  the mission of the United Nations Population Fund and dedication to the principles of the United  Nations.