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UNFPA partners with tech startup Vende to raise awareness of violence against women

9 June 2017
Klaus Beck, UNFPA Country Representative and Vende Chief Operating Officer Peter Ing build partnership to raise awareness of violence against women.

MANILA, Philippines — UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and Vende Pte. Ltd. have entered into an agreement to raise awareness of violence against women in the Philippines.

Despite being touted as one the countries with the best measure of gender equality in the world, and the highest in Asia, the Philippines remains plagued with issues of violence against women.

While government laws, policies and recovery facilities for survivors are critical, continuous awareness-raising for women, men, and young people on women’s rights and gender issues is crucial for the prevention of violence against women.

Tech Startup, Vende launched in the Philippines in late 2016 with a mission to promote economic empowerment through mobile technology.

The startup’s free app allows Filipinos to earn an income by promoting a range of products through social media, including a GPS Smartwatch designed to keep parents informed of their child’s whereabouts. The wristwatch for children has a built-in GPS Tracker, allowing parents to synchronize their mobile phones with the watch.

Between, 1 May 2017 to 1 May 2018, Vende will donate 3 percent of the sale price for every Smartwatch sold. Money raised will help UNFPA support capacity building exercises for women for the prevention and response to gender-based violence in emergencies or for the provision of livelihood projects for women victim-survivors of violence in safe havens.

“Our partnership with Vende affirms UNFPA’s belief in the capacity of the private sector to play a pivotal role in empowering women and girls and raising awareness of the violence against them. This partnership allows us to reach more victims of violence and at the same time prevent others from becoming victims themselves. We look forward to building more partnerships in the future to ensure that no one is left behind,” said Klaus Beck, UNFPA Country Representative.

“Recognizing the important role of women in society, our partnership with UNFPA offers us a chance to support women and girls. Mothers are one of our growing users and the GPS smartwatch offers them peace of mind, while at the same time, supporting UNFPA projects that raise awareness of violence against women,” said Peter Ing, Chief Operating Officer of Vende.


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