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11 February 2020

Taal Respose Feb2020

BATANGAS, The Philippines - Mary Jean Acarpo, 37, was 7 months pregnant when it happened.  She was not prepared for it.  “Payapa naman nung umaga --- hindi namin alam kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari (It was a peaceful morning – we did not know what was about to happen).” On Sunday 12 January 2020 evening, Alert Level-4 was

2 February 2020

UNFPA Support Brings Innovation to DOH Commodity Management: The Barcode Track and Trace Project

Dr. Dollie Prado was recalling local health staff often spent around 4 hours every day in the afternoons just to record patient details and accomplish reports for various health programs.  This left mornings only to attend to patient consultations. By the time health officials go home, they were exhausted from long hours spent

20 December 2019

Sex, HIV, and Young Filipinos

“Yes, nakaagi nako. (Yes, I have tried it.)” confessed “Josh”, a 14-year-old, grade 8 student to his friends when asked if he has already experienced having sex.  "Murag di ko kabalo unsaon og himo sa insakto k walay nagtudlo nako. (But I don’t think I knew how to do it safely, because nobody taught me.)" Josh is among many


Despite remarkable achievements in the past five decades, much more must be done to...
The Fatwa on the Model Family in Islam urges the Muslim youth to “get married when the...

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