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12 April 2019

UNFPA provides hygiene and safety supplies to displaced pregnant women in the BARMM

UNFPA estimates there could be as many as 1,400 pregnant women among the affected population. “Women do not stop getting pregnant or delivering babies just because an emergency hits,” noted UNFPA Philippines...

8 March 2019

UNFPA Philippines celebrates International Women's Day with Vice President Leni Robredo

To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is standing in solidarity with everyone who are working tirelessly to address the root causes of discrimination

1 March 2019

Don’t Tell Me How To Dress Exhibit at Gateway Mall

This exhibit profoundly challenges the idea - a wrong misconception - that sexual assault is a woman’s fault because of what she wears. We say “No”. Sexual assault and harassment is never, never, the woman’s fault.



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